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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The Toxic Duke: Standard Chartered is latest big name to cut ties with Prince Andrew - as Outward Bound gets set to vote on ditching him and students campaign for university to fire him as Vice Chancellor. Charlemagne's bones identified: 1,year-old remains in a German cathedral belong to 'Europe's father', claim scientists After 26 years of research, German scientists are satisfied that bones held for centuries at Aachen Cathedral, are those of the king of the Franks A total of 94 bones and fragments were analysed Researchers studied the thigh, shin and arm bones to get an idea of the skeleton's height and build — which match descriptions of the emperor By Sarah Griffiths Published: GMT, 3 February Updated: GMT, 3 February e-mail View comments.

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Only the Grey Elves have histories of those times. The Elves were one people then, united. There was a distinction between High and Grey, and between them and the Wood Elves, but it was more one of interests than of race. The Grey Elves were the rulers, more in fact then than now. The Princes lived in Cape Varna and in Zelligar, as they do now.

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Loraxus was the Chamberlain, a powerful figure in the Elven capitol, and a member of a leading noble family. She was ambitious, and tried to take the throne for herself. It devolved to the point of civil war, and elven blood was spilled in the streets of the capitol for the first time in its history.

The were forced ever deeper in the mountains, and eventually found places defensible enough that they could hold off the other Elves. Her delusions of power led her to try and defy the priestesses of Lolth, who had taken the mantle of leadership of the Drow. Loraxus tried to depose Lolth and set herself in her place. Loraxus was powerful, and Lolth was not yet the hard and vile goddess she is now, but still, Lolth won, and Loraxus was defeated a second time.

And for her temerity and for the evil she had done to the Elvish race, she was cursed by the gods themselves, never to see the Sun again. In fact, the very first Vampire. Has she been destroyed? You might be more familiar with it as the Lost Kingdom. Misleading name, really.

The Song of Charlemagne II: The Hard Goddess by Thomas F. Motter KSJ - reeacodyphar.cf

Its not lost at all; everyone knows exactly where it is. Loraxus supposedly wanted in, and then disappeared. The Loraxites may feel that they can use the Egg to find her, or waken her. The Loraxites may try to deal with them for it. If they do we need to figure out where. He learns: The Sahuagin will most likely take the Egg to their human allies. This will take place on the night of the new moon conveniently only a couple of nights off. He also gets a fairly clear idea where the transfer will take place — along the mainland shore about a day away.

He does not learn any more info about the Egg itself.

The Song of Charlemagne Ii: The Hard Goddess

The party send the Waterbug on its way, limping back to port. Tolaro teleports home to Cape Varna to do more research on the Egg. The party sails along the mainland shore, until they find a waterfall cascading down a shoreline cliff, with a small fortified tower at the top of the cliff.

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We made it just in time. The ship docks at a rickety old pier and lets them off. It then sails out a bit from the shore, and drops anchor behind a rock formation, keeping it concealed from view. Jalea goes to the cliff so he can see everything and signal the ship or those onshore if needed. On the way to the tower, Brennen, Gavin, and Aris are accosted by a small group of undead, who they take out, but not before the creatures severely weaken them. They were wights; in 2nd edition, I had level-draining undead drain various stats instead of levels… Once inside, they find the tower deserted.

There are signs that someone lived here as recently as a few years ago, but no sign of recent inhabitation. Further searching reveals little on the upper floors, but they do find a concealed door leading to a stair spiralling down. Outside, Jovah has cast locate object looking for tridents.

Shortly thereafter, the spell registers something moving, under the water. It or perhaps they appears to be heading for the waterfall. Jovah signals Jalea, and Jalea heads over to the waterfall to see what he can see. He then goes inside to scout it out. Jovah, Reana, and Batista load up into a rowboat and head towards the waterfall, giving orders to their captain to keep out of sight. They pass through the curtain of water and find a long cave that passesunder the cliff wall until it reaches a small sandy beach.

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A wooden dock has been built here — in much better condition than the one outside, and showing signs of more recent use. Jalea signals to the three from the shadows, and then sneaks closer to tell them what he saw. A whole bunch of Sahuagin came up out of there and went through a door into a big carved out chamber. Up top, Brennen, Gavin, and Aris are descending deeper and deeper on a narrow spiral stair that eventually ends in a small chamber with a door.

Aris opens the door a crack and looks into a large oval shaped room, with slowly sloping stairs along the long curves of each side of the room leading up to a high platform at one narrow end. On the platform is an altar, darkish in color.

The Song of Charlemagne: Book One - The Grail Revelation

At the other narrow end is a set of double doors, made of oak and reinforced with iron. Twenty sahuagin have just entered the chamber in a double file procession. One is carrying a metal chest, still dripping with seaweed and salt water. They enter the room, and proceed to seat themselves on the floor, facing the doors. Gavin kicks open the door, and Aris lets the sea devils have it. The fireball goes off in the middle of them, and the majority crumple; however, the others form into a defensive formation and prepare to repel the three warriors.

Not far from the double doors, Jovah, Reana, Batista, and Jalea see the fireball go off. Jalea starts to follow them in, but then gets a brainstorm. Inside the chamber, Brennen is fighting the leader of the Sahuagin. The chest pops open, and the party can see the Egg inside, along with a number of other things seemingly dredge up from lost ships on the bottom of the Retic Sea. They begin tearing through the party with a vengeance. The party members can see blurry outlines of them, but find them difficult to hit, and of course, being vampires, they regenerate.