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To round up our project, here are some stats:. We met up with Sue Blair at the Borgh pottery which is just outside Barvas 1 , for a cup of tea and a chat about Barvas ware. Sue has previously made replica craggans for Stornoway Museum and was impressed even by our fragmented first Barvas attempts. Then we headed in to Barvas itself.

They discuss that they used to dig the clay on the crofts in Park, Barvas alongside the river in two or three places, as well as in an area of Lower Barvas which is now covered over with rubble from a nearby building site. We drove along Park and at the very top found a bend in the river which had cut a couple of metres of the river bank away, revealing a layer of clay. Top left, the clay at the river bank, top right how it looked before processing. Bottom left, drying the clay on a plaster bat and bottom right, wedging the clay.

Once we had dug our clay the next step was to process it. Our pieces after firing, with their original counterparts. Helen feeding a chicken out of an imitation Barvas style sugar bowl. Taking the pots out of the fire on our last day working at the folk museum was a fitting end, and a great way to round off the year. It has been a total pleasure to get to know the collection and to improve the documentation and storage of a wide variety of objects, securing them for future generations of museum visitors and researchers.

We hope that I. Grant would be appreciative and proud of our efforts! An unexpected but wonderful legacy of our project is that staff members from An Lanntair who run the Arora dementia project will soon be including Barvas ware in their creative making sessions. People living with dementia across the Hebrides will be able to try out this vernacular craft, and perhaps there will be some memories reignited and shared about its history and its role in the local area.

You might just recognise some of the objects…. Top L-R: a translucent horn bowl; a wool basket or mudag; a centuries old scratched and worn wooden plate. Middle L-R: a Barvas teapot; the workings of a jack reel; a horn spoon with initial carved into the bowl. Bottom L-R: a rustic quaich with one small lug; a lovely shaped angling basket; a smooth, old wooden bowl with a beautiful patina. Middle, L-R: A scaling horn spoon, a heather mat and a badly burnt ladle.

Bottom, L-R: A horn beaker, a Barvas ware cup and saucer and a repaired woven straw horse collar.

That's All Folks!

Previous blog post — Make do and mend. Return to main blog page. Highland Folk Museum. To round up our project, here are some stats: We exceeded the amount of objects that was originally planned We documented, researched and conserved a total of objects, which equates to records on the AdLib database, taking in to account object parts. Porky's name came from two brothers who were childhood classmates of Freleng, nicknamed "Porky" and "Piggy". Since Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising had left the studio in , taking the studio's star character Bosko with them, Looney Tunes had been kept afloat by cartoons featuring the bland Buddy.

Porky's introduction ushered Buddy out the door and pointed to things to come. Tex Avery was hired to the studio in , and his film Gold Diggers of '49 reused much of the cast from I Haven't Got a Hat , albeit in wildly different roles. Porky transitioned from a shy little boy to an immensely fat adult. Though he was still in a supporting role, Porky got most of the laughs. The directors realized they had a star on their hands.

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Porky shared his stutter with the voice actor who originally played him, Joe Dougherty , who actually did have a stutter. Because Dougherty could not control his stutter, however, production costs became too high as his recording sessions took hours, and Porky's additional lines were done by Count Cutelli. Blanc continued the stutter; however, it was harnessed for a more precise comedic effect such as stumbling over a simple word only to substitute a longer word without difficulty, or vice versa.

Porky's Duck Hunt was released in , and Blanc officially became the permanent voice of Porky until his death in In later interviews, Blanc often said that he intended Porky's stutter to be suggestive of the grunting of actual pigs. Porky starred in dozens of films in the late s. The directors still did not have a grasp on the character, however; his appearance, age, and personality all varied from picture to picture. Bob Clampett finally pinned Porky down in , making him a permanent young adult: cuter, slimmer, smarter, and eventually less of a stutterer.

Eventually, he settled into a kind persona. Clampett's Porky was an innocent traveler, taking in the wonders of the world—and in Clampett's universe, the world is a very weird place indeed. Porky in Wackyland was selected for preservation by the National Film Registry in In his commentary as part of the s documentary film Bugs Bunny: Superstar , Clampett said that his early version of Tweety Bird had to be redesigned after his first picture because the producers thought he "looked naked".

Meanwhile, as Clampett noted, nothing was ever made of the fact that "all those years, Porky never wore any pants! Porky's post at the pinnacle of the Warners' pantheon was short-lived. In , the studio tried pairing Porky with various sidekicks, such as love interest Petunia Pig , cantankerous foil Gabby Goat , and a screwy black duck, Daffy. Daffy Duck, the creation of Tex Avery, was by far the most popular, eventually outshining even Porky. In turn, Porky convinces studio head Leon Schlesinger to release him from his contract.

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After a highly unsuccessful foray into the real world, Porky returns happily to the studio that created him. To this day, Porky remains as a loyal sidekick while Daffy refuses to be a second banana to Bugs Bunny , who rose to prominence shortly after Daffy. Porky always remained a sentimental favorite of the Warner directors. His mild-mannered nature and shy demeanor made him the perfect straight man for zanier characters such as Daffy.

He still starred in a few solo cartoons as well, such as Frank Tashlin 's Brother Brat. Jones also paired Porky with Sylvester in a series of cartoons in the late s and early s, in which Porky plays the curmudgeonly and naive owner of the cat and remains clueless that Sylvester is constantly saving him from homicidal mice , space aliens and other threats. Porky was used in regular rotation in television syndication beginning in the s, as was the rest of his Looney Tunes co-stars.

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  • Porky also appeared in all the classic film-feature compilations in the s and s. Another such collection was the film, Porky Pig in Hollywood , which ran in art and college theaters.

    “Thats All Folks”

    Porky also made cameo appearances on Animaniacs and Histeria! It was the last time that Mel Blanc voiced Porky. He tries to get Michael Jordan 's autograph when the basketball star is first recruited to join the team and later plays for the Toon Squad in the game itself, scoring one basket. Porky tries to end the movie with his famous line but is prevented through the combined efforts of Bugs, Daffy and the Nerdlucks. In the movie Looney Tunes: Back in Action , Porky makes a cameo appearance alongside Speedy Gonzales , where they both lament their politically incorrect status.

    At the end of the movie, Porky tries to say his classic line, but stutters so much, the lights are turned off around him as the studio closes for the night; so an irritated Porky simply says, "Go home, folks. Porky appears as a toddler version of himself in Baby Looney Tunes , albeit only in the show's musical numbers. Petunia functioned as the show's more major pig character. Pinkster had been an old friend of Danger Duck Daffy Duck 's descendant , but became a villain when he was adopted by Stoney and Bugsy descendants of Rocky and Mugsy.

    He is still friends with Daffy Duck and often sucked into Daffy's schemes. Porky is also Bugs' nervous, fall guy buddy, similar to their relationship in classic comic books. It is also revealed in the show that in his high school years, he was a jock who bullied Daffy. In the documentary I Know That Voice , Bob Bergen explains how to recreate the pig's famous stutter, demonstrating how difficult it is to do it without practice.

    He finishes the segment by joking "Nobody [else] can do that, and that's why I have job security! Porky appears in the direct-to-video movie Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run Porky was first mentioned in "Dust Bugster", where he told Bugs about a television series whose name was not mentioned that led to Bugs binge-watching it.

    This version of Porky was the successful owner of a company named Porkybux before it was hacked and ran him out of business. He is later approached by Lex to be in charge of LexCorp's social media division and lets Lex get away with harassing his employees and stealing their sandwiches as repayment for the second chance.

    It is later revealed that Lex gave him the position so he could frame Porky when Lex used his social media website to steal important passwords from their users. Porky begins an autobiography in prison to expose Lex for his actions. In the backup story stylized more like Looney Tunes, Porky tries selling Acme office supplies to Lex, but ends up stopping Lex from defeating Superman.

    The bar and Porky also made a cameo in Tom King's Batman series. A very short black-and-white cartoon was made in as part of a Warner Bros. Porky is shown doing some carpentry work, pounding nails, when he smacks his thumb with the hammer.

    That's All Folks Shower Curtain

    Grimacing in pain, he cries, "Oh, son of a bi-bi-, son of a bi-bi-, son of a bi-bi-bi You thought I was gonna say 's-s-son of a bitch ', didn't ya? This short, so-called " blooper " can also be found on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 4 of , under the title Porky Pig Breakdowns of with several versions of the clip, making it look like a true "blooper" , and on an Each Dawn I Die DVD box set, also released in Though the "blooper" was made a year before Gone with the Wind famously used the word in the line " Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn ", due to the Motion Picture Production Code the "blooper" was not shown publicly until the aforementioned special, which by that point FCC regulations softened enough for the word "bitch" to be used on television.

    Porky was ranked number 47 on TV Guide ' s list of top 50 cartoon characters. See also Porky Pig filmography.

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