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Alan Finkel, narrated by Sir Richard Branson, and performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and conductor Benjamin Northey, this recording is a major international release that lends some musical muscle to the ongoing political and environmental fight against climate change.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre: Concert Hall, Hong Kong

Known for his unique creative blend of improvised jazz and classical music, Dr. The Environmental Symphony was his last major work before his death in They shared the belief that music and science could unite to provide a fresh insight into the problem of global warming. He has received many accolades and awards, and is passionate about science education. Since starting youth culture magazine Student at aged 16, Sir Richard Branson has found entrepreneurial ways to drive positive change in the world.

In Richard established Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group, which unites people and entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world.

Mussorgsky / Pictures at an Exhibition

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is a leading cultural figure in the Australian arts landscape, bringing the best in orchestral music and passionate performance to a diverse audience across the nation and around the world. Each year the MSO engages with more than 5 million people through live concerts, TV, radio and online broadcasts, international and regional tours, recordings and education programs. Purchase and Stream here.

Mussorgsky/Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition

View more Big Band…! Made up primarily of emerging artists, most of them studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Jazz Connection is an elite jazz orchestra that fosters talented young jazz musicians, giving them the opportunity to perform live at prestigious festivals and venues such as the Sound Lounge Seymour Centre , Jazz Groove Association Club and the Sydney Opera House.

She continues to teach at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Recorded in a single day, the album captures the energy and creative flair of the band - which features up-and-coming soloists including Tom Avgenicos, Lachy Hamilton and National Jazz Award winner Alex Hirlian. The Best of Peter Sculthorpe. Released to coincide with what would have been his 90th birthday, The Best of Peter Sculthorpe brings together more than two hours of his best-loved and most iconic works, from solo piano works played by Tamara-Anna Cislowska, to orchestral works and concertos performed by great soloists William Barton, Karin Schaupp and Amy Dickson, and his 18th and final string quartet.

Born in Launceston on 29 April , Sculthorpe rose to international recognition by creating a uniquely Australian style of music. He died in , at the age of Music for Bali2. Song of Home4.

Small Town6. Sun Music IV7. On High Hills9. A Land Singing7. A Dying Land8. A Lost Land9. Purchase or Stream Here. Two small children, Maykin and her brother Robin, are being settled in their beds by their mother, who is reading their favourite book, The Little Green Road to Fairyland. Slowly they fall asleep, when a Fairy appears through their bedroom window, sprinkles her magic fairy dust over the sleeping children, and takes them on a magical journey! This timeless tale and beautiful music will spark the imagination of audiences young and old with a tale of love, hope, compassion and a touch of fairy magic.

Air Supply also invited Patrick to perform with them on their Australian Tour. Formed in Australia in by Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, Air Supply had a string of worldwide smash hits in the late 70s and early 80s. A string of singles reached the very top of the charts in America, Australia and Canada, establishing Air Supply as household names. Patrick Robertshas been entertaining audiences for over 25 years.

Picking up the violin at the tender age of five, he has been classified as a true violin genius and has transformed some of the much-loved classics into contemporary masterpieces. Classical Chill: Guitar. Experience ultimate relaxation with Classical Chill. These albums feature some of the most beautiful and peaceful music ever written, perfect for concentration or relaxation.

Classical Chill: Piano. Poco lentoVIII. The resulting album is bursting with playful, upbeat songs, interwoven with heart-warming stories about growing up, protecting our natural world, and learning to accept difference. Pre-Order Here.

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In Circles. From the red dirt of the Australian desert to the rolling green hills of the Scottish Highlands, In Circles unapologetically celebrates folk music and the tremendous influence it has had on music around the world and throughout history. The first four measures are shown below. Hartmann's sketch, now lost, is thought to represent a design for a nutcracker displaying large teeth.

The Quest for Immortality: Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition

The lurching music, in contrasting tempos with frequent stops and starts, suggests the movements of the gnome. A placid statement of the promenade melody depicts the viewer walking from one display to the next. This movement is thought to be based on a watercolor depiction of an Italian castle and is portrayed in Ravel's orchestration by an alto saxophone solo.

Hartmann often placed appropriate human figures in his architectural renderings to suggest scale. Another brief statement of the promenade melody 8 measures gives it more extroversion and weight than before. Stasov's comment: "An avenue in the garden of the Tuileries, with a swarm of children and nurses. Figures of children quarrelling and playing in the garden were likely added by the artist for scale see note on No.

The movement is cast in through-composed ternary form ABA. The movement is cast in through-composed ternary form ABA with coda. Mussorgsky's original piano version of this movement begins fortissimo ff , suggesting that the lumbering oxcart 's journey begins in the listener's foreground.

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After reaching a climax con tutta forza , the dynamic marking is abruptly piano bar 47 , followed by a diminuendo to a final pianississimo ppp , suggesting the oxcart receding into the distance. Rimsky-Korsakov 's edition, and arrangements based on it such as Ravel's, begin quietly, build gradually crescendo to fortissimo and then undergo a diminuendo , suggesting the oxcart approaching, passing the listener, and then receding. A reflective measure presentation of the promenade theme.

The fledglings were canary chicks. The movement is cast in ternary form ABA with a literal repeat and terse extension coda. Stasov's explanatory title elucidates the personal names used in Mussorgsky's original manuscript. The movement is thought to be based on two separate extant portraits. The use of augmented second intervals approximates Jewish modes such as the Phrygian dominant scale.

When 'Pictures at an Exhibition' start flying

A nearly bar-for-bar restatement of the opening promenade. Differences are slight: condensed second half, block chords voiced more fully. Structurally, the movement acts as a reprise, giving listeners another hearing of the opening material before these are developed in the second half of the suite. Limoges is a city in central France. Mussorgsky originally provided two paragraphs in French that described a marketplace discussion the 'great news' , but subsequently crossed them out in the manuscript. The movement is a scherzo in through-composed ternary form ABA.

A scurrying coda leads without a break into the next movement.

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Stasov's comment: "Hartmann represented himself examining the Paris catacombs by the light of a lantern. The movement is in two distinct parts. Its two sections consist of a nearly static Largo consisting of a sequence of block chords with elegiac lines adding a touch of melancholy and a more flowing, gloomy Andante that introduces the Promenade theme into the scene.

The first section's alternating loud and soft chords evoke the grandeur, stillness, and echo of the catacombs. The second section suggests a merging of observer and scene as the observer descends into the catacombs. Mussorgsky's manuscript of "Catacombs" shown right displays two pencilled notes, in Russian: "NB — Latin text: With the dead in a dead language" and, along the right margin, "Well may it be in Latin!

The creative spirit of the dead Hartmann leads me towards the skulls, invokes them; the skulls begin to glow softly.

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  7. Stasov's comment: "Hartmann's drawing depicted a clock in the form of Baba Yaga 's hut on fowl's legs. Mussorgsky added the witch's flight in a mortar. A scherzo marked Feroce with a slower middle section.