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The following week we will learn that now, in Christ, we are able to live life in the power of the Holy Spirit. So in the next few chapters Paul is teaching us how to reign in life as he mentioned in We are no longer living in darkness and futility and foolishness as those in Romans were, we are now living in righteousness and wisdom and holiness because we have been united with Christ. Today Paul is going to spell out what this means and how exactly we can live in victory over sin.

How many of you know who the Washington Generals basketball team is?

How to Overcome Sin: 5 Steps to VICTORY!

The Washington Generals is the team that you almost always see playing the Harlem Globetrotters. Between the years of and , the Generals played exhibitions against the Globetrotters, winning only six games and losing more than 13, Sometimes I think we, as Christians, live our lives as if we are playing for the Washington Generals.

In our minds our battle with sin is a continual losing battle and we just live in hopes of doing our best. But it is so important that we understand that this mindset is inaccurate. Paul explains in Romans 6 that we can not only have victory over sin, but that we have already defeated sin because when we become united with Christ, His victory over sin becomes our victory. Today Paul teaches us how to overcome this delusion.

As Paul begins he starts with a question as we have seen him do often. Continuing in sin for a Christian would be like a recovered alcoholic buying a six-pack. Why would you do that?! Then in verse 3 Paul gives us our first lesson in overcoming the power of sin. The first thing Paul teaches that we must know is found in verses The goal of our lives used to be bringing glory to ourselves, but now we have been set free from that and we exist to bring glory to God.

The first step to overcoming sin is understanding your new identity in Christ and the mission that comes with identifying with Christ — glorifying God. So we must start with the knowledge that our mission in life is to bring glory to God, this is the first step in overcoming the power of sin. Now Paul teaches us that not only did we unite with Jesus in His death, but we have also been united to Him in His resurrection. And with this knowledge, Paul teaches us a second thing we must know in order to have victory over sin.

Yes, of course, God said so. But what does this mean for us?

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Being freed from sin means that we have been released from slavery to sin. We could refuse certain actions of course, but overall we were in bondage to sin. We lived to glorify ourselves, we lived for our own amusement, our own pleasure, and that is idolatry.

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That is putting yourself in the place of God, and we were unable to stop doing so. But now, we have been set free from that. But we need to understand that our identity has been changed and we need to live in light of this new knowledge. She was a filthy mess — and so were her car and her two-bedroom apartment.

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Neighbors told of her scrounging through garbage cans in search for food, which she took back to her apartment. Police found the garbage everywhere: in the refrigerator, in the stove, in the sink, in the cabinets — even in the bathtub.

How to Overcome the Power of Sin

But they found other things as well. They found documents indicating she owned oil fields in Kansas, stock certificates from prominent firms, and passbooks from eight large bank accounts. Police also discovered that Garbage Mary was the daughter of a well-to-do lawyer and bank director from Illinois, who had died several years earlier. Garbage Mary was a millionaire, but she lived like a pauper. Great wealth was at her fingertips, but she spent her life sifting through garbage and trash.

When we who are in Christ choose to take part in sin we are choosing to go back to living like slaves. We are choosing to mess around with garbage and eat leftovers rather than live as children of the King. First he teaches that we will, in fact, have eternal life and be resurrected to be with Christ for eternity.

But he also teaches that we are to have this new life in Christ here and now — the type of life that is lived as Jesus lived —for the glory of God. Next Paul moves on to two very important lessons we need to DO to have victory over sin. So, there are things we must know, but there are also things we must do. How do we do that? Paul tells us in the next few verses. The first way we count ourselves dead to sin is to not let sin reign in us.

Run from it. Stomp it out.

How to Overcome Sin – Greg Laurie

Do not let it reign. The second way we count ourselves dead to sin is similar to the first. Paul says not to offer ourselves to sin. This is the same idea. Paul instructs us to replace our tendency to sin with our service to God. This is huge, please catch this.

We are to replace our tendency to sin with our service to God. This requires some forethought, intentionality, some preparations in advance for when you know sinful temptations will hit you.


He then went to great lengths to hide his sin. But thanks to a faithful friend and a forgiving God, David found his way home 2 Samuel And so can you. Too often, we step onto the wrong path in our sexuality because we fail to act upon God's truth. Jesus, in one passage of the Bible, examines the freedom found in truth, and the enslaving power of lies. In that passage, the Lord puts it plainly: the truth sets us free. We either respond to the truth or to Satan's lies John Recognizing the truth about sex can be an important first step to achieving victory over sexual sins.

First, God wants His children to enjoy the beauty of appropriate sexual relationships. The King of the universe has much to say in His Word about the joys to be found in a marriage where both husband and wife know and love Christ Gen. However, the devil, the accuser of our souls, constantly tries to wreck God's plans. He lies to us, tempting us to believe that we can grab hold of sexual pleasures apart from a marriage commitment.

He uses day-to-day pressures and our own sinful nature to accomplish his purposes. And what begins as merely a "wandering thought" can quickly tempt us to act sinfully James These sins can involve pornography, fornication, adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, and other ungodly sexual practices. No matter what sins overcome us, we must recognize that lust is at the root of our sin 1 John ; Gal.

Lust blinds us and leads us deeper into sexual sin 1 Tim.

Each sin results in the same end Rom. To break the bonds of sexual sins, you must repent. That means a total change of direction, away from the sins and temptations, and toward the forgiving grace of a loving God. If you have allowed lust to control your life, yield to God as the Holy Spirit convicts you of your sin. God will forgive and cleanse you physically, emotionally and spiritually, if you humbly come to Him 1 John ,9; Psalm ; Romans If you do not know that Jesus is your Savior, turn your life over to Him. Simply pray this prayer: "Jesus, I know You died for me.

Thank You for saving me from my sins. I ask You to be Lord and Savior of my life. Once you know Jesus as Savior take comfort in knowing that He identifies with your struggles and He desires to set you free Heb. He will enable you to gain the victory. Most of all, the change must come from within see Prov. Fill your mind with God's thoughts, not worldly thoughts.

10 Bible Verses to Help You Overcome Sin and Temptation

And remember, the Bible says that God can be trusted not to let you be tempted too much, and He will show you how to escape from your temptations 1 Cor. Finally, become part of an active Spirit-filled church. Study the Bible daily. Pray constantly and befriend other like-minded Christians.

Keys to Overcoming Sin

Are you currently struggling with sexual sins? Despite the power these sins can have over us, you can have victory through the cleansing blood of Jesus and His grace to live each day. Pray right now: "Father, forgive me and heal me from the sexual sins which have kept me separated from Your love. Help me to recognize and accept the power Jesus offers to restore me to wholeness.

Help me to flee from all influences which cause me to sin, and allow me the meekness and humbleness I need to confide in a brother or sister in Christ and be healed. Encourage me and strengthen me with your holy and powerful Word. Is it right for me to join part of the body of Christ to an immoral woman? No, it isn't! Surely you know that your body is a temple where the Holy Spirit lives.