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Oeuvrez-y promptement et rapidement. La Dame de tous les Peuples promet d'aider le monde si ce titre lui est officiellement reconnu, si le monde l'appelle sous ce vocable. Que la Dame de tous les Peuples qui fut un jour Marie soit notre Avocate. Priez le rosaire!

Eloa, or the Sister of the Angels—Web Edition

A l'eucharistie, on donne sans cesse moins d'importance. Pas de reconnaissance de l'Eglise catholique. C'est vous, les temples! C'est en vous que le Seigneur a toutes ses complaisances. Aimez-vous, aimez-vous les uns les autres, pardonnez-vous.

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Faites la paix. Ne vous contentez pas de la demander, faites-la. Ayez confiance. Allez dans la paix de Dieu. Il existe. Je m'adresse au monde entier! Vous vous laissez distraire par les biens de ce monde qui passent. Pas grand chose a voir avec haarp. Je suis surpris de voir des commantaires intelligents et peu de moqueries gratuites comme sur Youtube.

Ah oui? Balancer des produits chimiques sur les nuages et comme par magie des pluies torrentielles? Ha putain la synthese vous connaissez pas? Brother Branham, if these questions are out of line then just disregard them, and I won't feel bad about it, for I will know it was not the hand of the Lord. Brother Branham, I have heard you I--I--I have heard you say I should be back in the ministry, and I have thought upon it myself, but have waited upon some definitely word from Him about it. Up to date it hasn't come.

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Or, would He be pleased to tell you what to tell me, since I know you are His spokesman for this day? Well now, brother, I'd I got wrote down here my answer to it. God calling this brother, a call in life Now, there's one great thing we could just take that as a text and preach all night on it See? We don't want to be just wondering if we're called. You must be called or you'll be defeated; we're fighting a battle. And if you are positive sure, brother, that your calling is of God, and you've been called of God to do a work Now, there's a great trick there that the enemy can play on you.

He can make you think you're not called when you are called, then he turn right back around make you think you're not called; or make you think you're--you are called when you're not called, vice versa, either way. And you have to watch it. Well now, this is advice; only thing I can give on this is advice. But make sure that your calling comes from God, and then check your motives and objectives. Now, you know what I mean by that. What is your motive for preaching? You think it was a easier job than what you have?

Then you'd better forget it; it wasn't a call.

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A call of God burns so in your heart you can't rest day and night for it. You just can't get away from it; it's just constantly grinding at you. You say, well now, another objective, "I believe at the job I've got, if I could be a successful evangelist or a pastor, have a good set salary, have a home that I could go into and so forth, and live, then I--I believe that would be a good thing, much easier than what I'm doing now. And really I think it would be See, it's not right.

You--you're wrong there on that. Then you'd say, "Well, maybe because that I am a--think maybe that I'd be more popular amongst the people. But now, if your objective is that "I don't care if I have to eat soda crackers and branch--drink branch water, I'll preach the Gospel anyhow. Then you'll--you'll go somewhere, because it's God dealing with you.

God is making Hisself known to you, because it is God just won't let you rest. And usually, a God-called man never wants to do it. Did you ever think of that? Don't never advise people to do something like that, 'cause usually a guy that wants to do it is a guy that--that can't do it.

It's the guy that's trying to run from it is the one that God uses. That--that's trying to run. If he's--if he wants to do it so bad, the first thing you know he finds himself a stuffed shirt. Like you say, "God, you give me power to move mountains; I tell You; I'll do something for You if You let me move mountains. You think Paul could've got away from his calling? He couldn't do it. It was just grinding at him day and night till he left his church, he left everything and--and went down into I believe it was Asia, wasn't it? And stayed three years down there, studying the Scriptures, to find out whether It was right or not See?

So if God is calling you, brother, and it keeps digging at your heart, then I'd say, "Lay aside every weight, and the sin that does so easily beset you. But if it's not digging at you, and then I--I--I wouldn't think too much about it then. Just let it come to its place. Do you think that God would speak I believe God would speak right straight to him.

We're not too big but what He can speak to us. And He--He--He'll speak to us, all right. He'll speak to us. And if it's the Lord Jesus giving you the call, He'll do the speaking.

Fabrice Sopoglian, un homme aux Anges !

I could speak to you to your ears, but when Christ calls you to the ministry it's in your heart. That's where the thing has to anchor and you can't get away from it. Now, I believe on the second question Now, if there's any question on that, any question to it See?

Oh, I know who this is that's wrote this. See, I know who wrote it, a precious, dear, gracious brother that I truly believe has a call of God. I wouldn't want him to do it upon mine That's the reason I answered it the way I did. Then, see, your calling is over then. But if Jesus calls you, brother, as long as there's an eternity it'll still be ringing out. And then you know where you're standing. Now, on the second, or something like this, "Knowing that it is the last day I certainly appreciate that of that brother realizing that we're in the last day, and the sincerity of his heart, wanting to do something for Christ.

Now, if our precious Lord should let me do a little thing for Him, should I go back to the communities where I have ministered partially in the--in error of which I am sorry He has that in parenthesis. They have been so--they have been so upon my hearts.

No, brother, I wouldn't think it was necessary for you to go back into the same community. And I believe, brother dear, when the Lord calls you, He may never let you go as you once was in a community, and you perhaps taught things or had things that wasn't--that actually you see different on now See? You wouldn't have to go to any certain community or anything.

When you were there you were sincere. I know the brother, as I say, that's wrote these questions. With the deepest of sincerity, and a real genuine Christian, you did the best that you could do and with all you knowed how to do, and that's all God requires. Now, if God should call you back to that community, I'd take right back again.

Is there a question? How does one know their rightful position in the Body of Christ? That's a good one, very good. Your position is--in Christ is revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.


And then if you want to know whether it's the Holy Spirit or not, find out whether He blesses what you're doing, or not. And if He blesses it, then that's Him. If He doesn't bless I really think it's so Satan, if he can just get somebody as to act like that and then deceive them, that's just what he wants to do. Then the whole world points their finger right there. Somebody thinks they have a gift of speaking in tongues and interpretation; some has the gift of Divine healing; some has these things like Sometimes they're mistaken in those things.

And sometimes they think they haven't got it when they have.

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So it's very tricky. Or if you have the gift of tongues, gift of interpretation, gift of any--any kind of the nine spiritual gifts in the church, and the four spiritual offices of the church, any position, first see if God called.

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Then, usually, way I watch it for myself, just I watch the nature of the person and see what kind of a gift that they're professing.