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We have co-edited two books on mathematics and fiber arts written for crafters, mathematicians, and mathematics educators. A customizable pattern for the hyperbolic baby pants from Making Mathematics with Needlework is available for free at the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

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Article: Adventures in Mathematical Knitting. American Scientist , 2 , March--April , Functional mathematical knitting patterns available on Y x I twist cowl Y x I skinny scarves Sublimation Socks 8 x 12 7 x 10 6 x 8 Knotclace Borromean rings cowl Least Common Scarf Metacarpals Rachel's cool socks massively modular socks simple finger-free mitts. February 26, February 24, Crafting Geometry. The script doesn't incorporate this, so the user must enter the whole place notation sequence to get the entire chart.

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Staceyjoy Elkins' compact notation for texture patterns Janet's Petersen Graph stitch pattern subtle and brilliant Amy Szczepanski's knitted torus pattern generator Sarah Hauschka's knitted tessellation it's 6 x 8 feet! Woolly Thoughts contains a variety of objects and patterns with mathematics ranging from elementary to advanced. There are some larger images here. Norah Gaughan's Celestine Sondra Eklund's prime factorization sweater Horst Schultz's tumbling blocks design lots of other beautiful things on that site Indeed, throughout the book Brooks repeatedly criticizes public policies, businesses, and institutions that fail to take into account the new scientific evidence of our social natures.

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Yet by far the most important decisions they will make are about whom to marry and whom to befriend, what to love and what to despise, and how to control impulses. Although Brooks seems genuinely committed to popularizing these new scientific insights, his tone can sometimes be, well, snarky.

While some readers may find this funny, others may interpret the snark as sour grapes. Either way, the harsh humor sometimes cheapens his points, revealing nothing more than his own prejudices and pet peeves. Jill Suttie, Psy.

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  2. The Home of Mathematical Knitting;
  3. La Communication verbale (HU Psychologie-Sociologie) (French Edition)?

Asala mp3 am, November 11, Link. One wonders how well this all sits with his Republican brethren. Somebody at the club had better remind him that rationality must be confined strictly to the corporate boardroom and has absolutely no place intruding into the public realm.

As for being snarky, neither Jill nor I need feel the slightest bit guilty about indulging in much the same thing when treating of this particular tool of the corporate oligarchy. All his work is merely propaganda for the rapacious capitalism he so sycophantically serves.

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Russ Sloan pm, December 2, Link. This alone is utterly fascinating. It shows hundreds of small pen-and-ink drawings, one completed on each day of that year.

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These illustrations and notebooks suggest a man whose mind is constantly exploding with ideas, thoughts and random or not connections, and who combines these with meticulous research, inventive visual experiments and careful documentation to create a kind of magic. But it is a magic that is firmly rooted in the real world, with images often drawn from actual places and objects. Like a good meal, this exhibition is so rich and satisfying it is worth enjoying slowly and savouring each bit.

It is available from all good design bookshops and online at the Eye shop , where you can buy subscriptions and single issues.