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Historians believe there were many more.

Mass Intentions

During a panic, townspeople performed a vampire-killing ritual: They dug up bodies of consumption victims thought to be vampires and burned the organs. SD1 : There is a knock on the front door. George wipes away tears and leaves to greet his guests. Have you considered. Horace : Now, George, just hear us out. There is a very old remedy that we believe could save Edwin. Edwin : It is horrible, I know, but coughs violently. It could stop the spread of the disease and save everyone, maybe even me.

Behind them, a white church sits quietly among the weathered old tombstones. Lena : Reluctantly, George and Edwin agreed to go through with what the townspeople proposed. But neither would be present for the ritual, which took place on a cold night right here in this very cemetery. Stories of the dead rising up to haunt the living can be found throughout human history. In ancient Indian folklore, for instance, vampires feasted on human blood and could even transform themselves into chickens, cows, cats, and watermelons.

Today, most of us associate vampires with bats, thanks to the novel Dracula , published in In the novel, the vampire Count Dracula can turn into a bat. The vampires of New England were not associated with bats, however. They were associated with the spread of disease. SD1 : Under the night sky, the townspeople gather around two coffins that have just been dug up. SD2 : The light of their candles reveals the names on the tombstones that mark the two now-empty graves: Mary E. Brown and Mary O. SD3 : Dr. Metcalf opens the coffin lids and peers inside.

For a moment, no one says a word. SD1 : The group turns to the Brown family crypt. Metcalf lifts the lid. SD2 : Dr. Metcalf takes a scalpel from his bag.

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He cuts open the corpse and removes the heart and liver. SD1 : The townspeople light a fire on a nearby stone and drop the heart and liver into the flames. SD2 : They watch as the organs are consumed by the fire, their faces wild in the orange glow of the blaze. Horace : Collect the remains. We will mix them with water and feed them to the boy. SD1 : The group has paused near a cluster of tombstones. Sophia : Too many candy bars? And the cold weather probably slowed decomposition. Lena : He did—and he still died less than two months later. George : How could you let me go through with it? I defiled the remains of my wife, my daughters—all for nothing.

Lena : Of course not! Mercy was not a vampire. They were afraid and panicked. But their ritual had an unintended result.


She solemnly approaches the grave and leaves her bracelet on top. SD3 : Jacob places his plastic vampire teeth on the grave. Ethan leaves a handful of candy. SD1 : With a loud burst of thunder, rain begins to fall, as the three friends stand in stunned silence. Today, you can visit her grave in Exeter, Rhode Island. What does this newspaper article reveal about how outsiders viewed the vampire panic in Exeter?

Is their attitude fair? The shocking case of exhumation in one of the border towns of this state last week is, after all, only a rather more than usually striking illustration of a truth which cannot be denied, that the amount of ignorance and superstition to be found in some corners of New England is more than surprising to one who comes into contact with it for the first time. There are considerable elements of rural population in this part of the country upon which the forces of education and civilization have made scarcely any impression. Record your interview as a podcast or video or create a written transcript.

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Dead Mary Rising (Dead Mary #1) King Kohn

Use this helpful activity. Crypts are often located in the wall or under the floor of a church. A beautiful spot in nature could be defiled by dumping garbage there. Often, defile is used to talk about ruining or spoiling something that is considered holy. For example, if someone smashed the windows of a temple, you might say that the temple was defiled. An exhumation an act of exhuming is sometimes done to help solve a crime or to move a coffin to a different burial place. A scalpel has a very thin, sharp blade.

A deadly disease that affects many people could be described as a scourge. In other words, it has been changed by the weather over time. The statue in the photo is weathered and also kind of creepy, right? But does it know how to post on Instagram, send a text, or stream a movie?

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In other words, he is about to. What could you find inside the buildings? The cemetery is said to be haunted. Do you see any ghosts? Write a caption for it using the word weathered. The Core Skills Workout comes with every issue and will support your reading program no matter what your scope and sequence. Where do stories about monsters come from?

Project the Theme Anticipation Guide. As students come into your classroom, have them write down whether they agree or disagree with each statement. Then ask volunteers to briefly explain their responses. Project our Vocabulary Slideshow. Highlighted words: crypt, defiled, exhumation, ignorance, scalpel, scourge, weathered.

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