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However, Workman would take the match, leaving Beinborn with silver.

Beinborn would handle Urban pinning him in the third period, and keeping silver. Through the season Chase posted a record. Chase has also wrestled since first grade, and this is also his first trip to the state tournament. He will also wrestle about 7pm on Thursday, February He will take on Isaac Banker of Bonduel. Our 6 Lady Bulldogs will host 11 Fennimore at 7pm.

So far this season, they have compiled a record. Leah Wacker is leading in scoring in both field goals and three pointers. Leah also has a Treena Knowles is leading the team in rebounds, and Alyssa Davis is a close second. Winner would then head to 4 Darlington on Friday, March 2. This post season is shaping to be an exciting one for Boscobel fans.

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New this year to the Boscobel Area School District is an educational intervention tool called Edgenuity. Edgenuity is designed to help students work on their math and reading skills, regardless of level. This program first establishes a baseline then continues from there with more advanced lessons, helping students who are struggling yet still being able to challenge advanced students and help them become even better since it is tailored to each students individual learning needs.

In Mr. Reynolds' homeroom the students have made great strides with Edgenuity. So much so, that ome students have even seen increases from points. Since the program is self-paced, students who have worked with it most, have seen the most improvements. This gives credit to students in Mr. Some even said they do some lessons at home. Not only have they seen improvements in test scores, but improvements in their regular classes. Francis is one of the students who has seen the highest jumps in his scores.

Another student, TJ Bell, talked about how much Edgenuity has helped regular classes. Easton Carlin is in advanced Edgenuity math and reading lessons and has helped her keep concepts straight in her regular classes. And now that the kids have retested from the fall and seen their scores actually increase, they are feeling a sense of pride.

In fact, Edgenuity has helped a majority of kids. Some kids who were showing test scores on the lower end and more or less struggling received one on one time with the math and reading teachers during the week. From the addition of this program it can be seen that we have students that really care about their education and they put in the time to improve and become better students.

The best thing about this program is that it helps students regardless of where they are. We are glad we get to provide this opportunity to our students and are so proud of them for taking charge of their educational futures. We really do have great students here in the Boscobel Area School District and we hope to continue to inspire them to keep becoming better students, leaders and people.

On Tuesday, February 6 several junior and senior Boscobel High School students traveled to the Boscobel Fillback Automotive Dealership for a tour as the first part of a new program partnership. This program is for juniors and seniors to provide them with academic and technical knowledge in the automotive technician career area. Students chosen for this program will not only receive high school credit, but also credit from Southwest Technical College.

The purpose is to encourage and help build the future workforce in the Transportation Career Cluster.

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In order to qualify for this program, students must first take the hour-long tour of the Fillback Automotive center. If they decide during the tour that they would like to become a part of the program, they must submit an application to their high school counselor by March 9, There is a selection process as the dealership cannot accept more than 12 total students. Students who are selected will be notified by April 1st of their acceptance and will be registered for credit at both their high school and Southwest Tech.

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The program begins September 1 and goes to May 30th on specified Wednesdays as a type of youth apprentice program. If accepted, there is no cost to the student participating as CESA 3 is picking up the costs. Instruction will be at the Fillback dealership by a trained automotive technical instructor.

At the completion of their high school degree and this program students will be on the fast track for acceptance to the SW Tech program. They will still have to apply to the school and be accepted. This program also provides a pathway for the opportunity to be sponsored by Snap-on Tools and their partnership with the WATDA where the student would be given an entire Apprentice Set of tools and toolbox to start them on the right foot.

We are so lucky this opportunity is coming to Boscobel. It allows our students to gain experience in a popular trade, earn college credit and be on the pathway to the opportunity for sponsorship.

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Lastly, we are proud to connect a local business to our district and keep giving back to our community. Each student had a specific job from setting the table to pouring juice, stirring up the pancakes and even cooking the bacon. The classrooms and tables were decorated beautifully with heart table cloths, heart shaped bowls and name cards with hearts.

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Students were in charge of most of the preparation from cutting up the fruit, cracking the eggs, buttering the toast and scooping out the yogurt. Most of classrooms enjoyed a breakfast of fruit salad, scrambled eggs, sausage, French toast with syrup, cheese, yogurt, juice, and milk.

Erickson and Ms. Watters classes also enjoyed bacon, while Ms. Bohringer and Ms. Erickson also ventured into the land of hash browns and pancakes. Students also learned how to crack eggs, make the French toast and use paring knives safely. The main rule was to never leave plastic utensils on hot metal surfaces. Students were excited to hand out the valentines they had made for each other as they talked about them excitedly over their breakfast. It was a great way to start the day, as the entire second grade wing leaked tantalizing smells all throughout the hallways.

Many other classrooms were jealous. The full photo album with action shots from the preparation can be found on the Boscobel Area Schools Facebook Page. As usual, there are a lot of neat things going on in the shop during Mr.

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Some students are refurbishing guitars, engraving signs, building coffee tables and making one of a kind amazing projects. One of the newest editions to the wood shop is the laser engraver. This machine is computer programed to engrave just about anything into wood, metal, plastic, glass, stone and ceramic.

Students have used it create sports team symbols, animals, letters and shapes to help enhance their unique creations. On this particular day one of the students was engraving a logo into a piece of plywood. The student put the logo he wanted into the program attached to the machine.

He then centered the piece of wood in the laser station and pressed play. The machine engraved the logo line after line, knowing exactly how to deep to engrave each line to make the logo come to life. The whole process took about 30 mins. One of the other cool projects that used the engraver was an American flag. This student used different types of wood to make the stripes, and the engraver to make the stars. He also engraved the USA symbol into the flag as well. He was on the tail end of his project staining it to really give it a good finish.

The engraver machine is top of the line, so much so, that other schools have even come to look at it. This machine helps students in the shop get used to the technology they could encounter in their career. Though the engraver has its own program that comes with it, many of the other pieces in the shop use AutoCAD, a popular program used by many engineering firms. As they continue to learn and get more familiar with the machines and programs students will be able to continue to get better at working them and be able to add more intricate details to their projects.

Moran showcases completed projects frequently on the Bulldog Tech Ed Facebook page. Be sure to check that out. Block schedules mean students see minute class periods instead of the standard The concept of blocks allows students to have more time devoted to the classes they choose. However, middle school students are now given the opportunity to try a few more classes to determine which electives they like. The minute elective block is split into 45 minute periods for the middle school kids to try more than one elective course.

There are 12 students in the middle school that take band and choir during their skinny block. However, since those classes are similar, they are given the opportunity to try two more.

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During their homeroom once a week they get to go to one of the classes they chose. This class then changes every 9 weeks. Overall, this seems slightly confusing but it allows our students to get a taste of many different courses that teach many different skills. Career and technical education, or CTE, is education that directly prepares students for high-wage, high-demand careers. CTE covers many different fields, including health care, business, marketing, information technology, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality and management, human services and more.

CTE encompasses many different types of education, from classroom learning to certification programs to work-based learning opportunities outside the classroom. These classes give students the opportunity to gain the specific skills they need for their future careers. Students not only receive hands-on education in these classes, but they are taught resume building, cover letter writing and interview skills.

We in the Boscobel School District understand the value CTE classes offer to our students, and are proud to offer a plethora of these courses to our students. One of our main goals is to have our students prepared for college and the real world, and CTE courses are an important part of our mission.