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Now abbreviated to "Behold the Lamb of God," this new collection, albeit being reimagined, features the same songs with most of the original players and singers.

Behold the Lamb of God

Having not heard the original which is not on Spotify and is apparently out-of-print , it's a privilege to hear this much esteemed collection. The first thing to note is the richness of scripture that has been interwoven into the fabric of each song. Peterson doesn't just cites the most blatant Messianic verses as evidences that Jesus is the Promised seed of Abraham.

Rather in a song like "Passover Us," he actually walks with us through the Passover story making observations along the way how Jesus is the better Passover Lamb. Not since Rich Mullins has any songwriter been such a careful exegete of Scripture. The pensive "Deliver Us" is another excellent example of how Biblical theology unfolds in a song without turning the whole piece into a dry theological lecture.

Crossing over into the New Testament is "Matthew's Begats.

Behold, the Lamb of God - Catholic Daily Reflections

Those who have embraced Peterson's "Is He Worthy? Jill Phillips who is long due for a record of her own offers an unplugged take of the somehow draggy "Labor of Love. Overall, this record's drawing card is in the Peterson's craftsmanship as a songwriter. After expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve faced a devastating future.

Behold! behold the Lamb of God

Having opened the door to mortality and temporal life for us, they had closed the door to immortality and eternal life for themselves. Due to a transgression they had consciously chosen to make in our behalf, they now faced physical death and spiritual banishment, separation from the presence of God forever. Would there be a way out of this plight?

We are not certain just how much these two were allowed to remember of the instruction they received while still in the garden, but they did remember they were to regularly offer for a sacrifice unto God a pure, unblemished lamb, the first male born of their flock. Later an angel came to explain that this sacrifice was a type, a prefiguration of the offering that would be made in their behalf by the Savior of the world who was to come.

Messiah: Behold The Lamb of God

By offering their own little symbolic lambs in mortality, Adam and his posterity were expressing their understanding of and their dependence upon the atoning sacrifice of Jesus the Anointed One. There would still be an offering, it would still involve a sacrifice, but it would be with symbolism much deeper, much more introspective and personal than the bloodletting of a firstborn lamb.

To the Nephites, after His Resurrection, the Savior said of this:. And whoso cometh unto me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, him will I baptize with fire and with the Holy Ghost. We are to remember in as personal a way as possible that Christ died from a heart broken by shouldering entirely alone the sins and sorrows of the whole human family.

Behold The Lamb Of God CD

Inasmuch as we contributed to that fatal burden, such a moment demands our respect. Thus, we are encouraged to come to our services early and reverently, dressed appropriately for participation in a sacred ordinance. As for punctuality, a late pass will always be lovingly granted to those blessed mothers who, with children and Cheerios and diaper bags trailing in marvelous disarray, are lucky to have made it to church at all.

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Furthermore, there will be others who unavoidably find their ox in the mire on a Sabbath morning. However, to this latter group we say an occasional tardiness is understandable, but if the ox is in the mire every Sunday, then we strongly recommend that you sell the ox or fill the mire.

In that same spirit, we make an apostolic plea for the reduction of clamor in the sanctuary of our buildings.