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From the writers that brought you Immortals and Death Note alongside Powerhouse animation are bringing to you a Greek mythology Original anime series. The plot will see a brand story based on the mythology of the Greeks.

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A release date is to be confirmed but we could potentially see a release date. Chronicling the illegitimate son of Zeus, a young man is tasked with saving heaven and earth despite the interference of a vengeful goddess and her monstrous forces. The series will act as a sequel in the universe of the Pacific Rim and expand upon the story of the first two films.

Two siblings in search for their parents are forced to pilot an abandoned Jaeger to cross their hostile world. The universe of Altered Carbon could be a spectacle to behold as an anime. With the world similar in look to Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell , the futuristic neon jungle is a sci-fi favorite. The anime will take place in the same universe as the series but will expand upon the mythology of the world. The series is based on the manga of the same name by author Kacho Hashimoto. Gonzo will be animating the series and if its anything like Hellsing or Afro Samurai we can expect a visual beauty.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a disease that turns humans into monstrous insects has ravaged humanity. In this world, a young couple struggles to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Netflix has partnered with Sublimation to bring the series to the small screen.

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The appearance of the Dragon signals the end of days and the beginning of the apocalypse. Yasuke was the very first non-Japanese samurai in recorded history that served under the warlord Oda Nobunaga. Emmy nominated studio Flying Lotus is in charge of composing the music for the series. In the war-torn era of feudal Japan, a retired ronin a wandering samurai who had no lord or master takes up arms once again after he is charged with the task of transporting a child to safety.

The mysterious child is being hunted by dark forces that wish it dead forcing the ronin to bring his sword out of retirement and fight once more. Trese is based on the graphic novel of the same name by creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldissimo. The story is based upon Philippine folklore of mythical creatures that live in hiding amongst humans. The new Ghost in the Shell anime will be a reboot of the popular anime franchise of the same name. Details have been sparse on the anime but the release date will be sometime in Spring Release Date: Studio: Bones.

The first to receive an anime adaptation is the super-villain comic Super Crooks. The comic currently has 4 volumes and has run since These events become known as the Red Wedding. Arya and the Hound witness the Red Wedding and escape, but soon after, the Hound is wounded in a skirmish, and Arya abandons him.

She takes a ship to the Free City of Braavos , where the assassin Jaqen H'ghar had told her she could find him. In the epilogue , a re-animated but decayed and mutilated Catelyn is leading the Brotherhood Without Banners, and she oversees the lynching of two of the Freys who were present at the Red Wedding. The smuggler-turned-knight Davos Seaworth attempts to assassinate Stannis' advisor Melisandre , a sorceress and priestess of R'hllor, blaming her for Stannis' defeat in his prior assault on King's Landing.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Davos is imprisoned for treason, but at Melisandre's behest, Stannis releases Davos and appoints him Hand of the King. Melisandre uses the blood of Edric Storm , a bastard son of Stannis' late brother King Robert , to curse the three rival Kings. Balon Greyjoy's death is reported shortly thereafter. Joffrey's grandfather Tywin Lannister , the Hand of the King, compels Sansa to marry his dwarf son Tyrion , to enable Lannister control of the North; but Tyrion refuses to consummate the marriage against her will. Margaery and Joffrey's wedding is held as planned, but during the wedding feast, Joffrey is poisoned and dies.

Tyrion is accused of the murder by his sister Cersei , Joffrey's mother, and arrested. Sansa escapes the castle with the help of Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish , who admits to her his culpability in Joffrey's death, incriminating Margaery's grandmother Olenna as well. After Balon, Robb and Joffrey die, as Melisandre predicted, Davos has Edric smuggled to safety to prevent Melisandre and Stannis sacrificing him for the power in his blood.


Davos discovers a request by the Night's Watch for aid against Mance Rayder; Stannis prepares to execute Davos for treason but changes his mind after Davos shows Stannis the Night's Watch's plea. The spymaster Varys and Tyrion's lover Shae testify falsely against Tyrion at his trial.

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Prince Oberyn Martell , of the southern region of Dorne , offers to represent Tyrion in a trial by combat against Cersei's champion, Gregor Clegane , who was responsible for the death of Oberyn's sister Elia. Oberyn nearly wins, but is ultimately killed by Gregor, although the poison on Oberyn's spear leaves Gregor dying in agony. Tyrion is sentenced to death. Upon returning to King's Landing, Jaime gives Brienne a sword reforged from the hereditary sword of the Stark family, and sends her to find Arya and Sansa and return them home.

Jaime refuses to believe that Tyrion killed Joffrey, and helps Varys free Tyrion from prison. Jaime reveals that Tyrion's first wife Tysha, whom Tywin had gang-raped by his garrison, was not a prostitute as Tywin told him, and genuinely loved Tyrion. Outraged, Tyrion swears revenge on Jaime, Cersei, and Tywin; during his escape, he murders both Shae and Tywin before fleeing Westeros. At the Eyrie, Sansa is disguised as an illegitimate daughter of Littlefinger, and Littlefinger and Lysa are married. Lysa reveals that Littlefinger had convinced her to poison her late husband Jon , and to pin the blame on the Lannisters, which was the catalyst for the events of A Game of Thrones.

Lysa threatens to kill Sansa, thinking she is trying to seduce Littlefinger, but Littlefinger intervenes and, after revealing that he had only ever loved Catelyn, pushes Lysa to her death.


The detachment of the Night's Watch under Lord Commander Jeor Mormont are attacked by undead wights and the Others , hostile inhuman creatures from the far north. The Watch suffer heavy casualties, although the steward Samwell Tarly kills one of the Others with a blade of obsidian. Soon some of the Watch mutiny and kill Mormont, but Sam escapes with the help of a wildling girl, Gilly.

Sam, Gilly, and Gilly's newborn child approach the Wall, assisted by a strange figure riding an elk , whom Sam calls Coldhands. Among the dead are most of the Watch's senior leadership. Robb's brother Bran and his friends, having escaped the Boltons' attack on the Stark castle Winterfell, are guided north by Bran's dreams of a three-eyed crow. Jon, on a mission to infiltrate the wildlings, convinces Mance that he is a deserter from the Night's Watch, and learns that the Others are driving the wildlings south towards the Wall. Jon and his captor Ygritte also begin a sexual relationship.

After crossing the Wall, Jon escapes the wildlings and returns to Castle Black. The approaching wildling army attacks Castle Black; but Jon takes command of the defenses and repels several assaults, during which Ygritte is slain. After that, the Watch's surviving leaders Janos Slynt and Alliser Thorne falsely accuse Jon of treachery, and send him north of the Wall to kill Mance under a pretense of parley.

Powers of X #2 raises more questions about the X-Men’s past and future

As Jon is talking with Mance in the wildling camp, Stannis' army arrives, routing the Wildlings, and Mance is imprisoned. Stannis offers to legitimize Jon and make him Lord of Winterfell in exchange for his support, but Jon decides to decline Stannis' offer, and is elected by the Night's Watch as its new Lord Commander. Daenerys Targaryen learns that large slave armies can be bought in Astapor , one of the cities of Slaver's Bay , and buys the entire host of the warrior-eunuch Unsullied by offering one of her infant dragons in exchange.

Upon payment, Daenerys orders the Unsullied and the dragon to turn on the slave traders and sack the city. With the help of her maturing dragons, she frees all the slaves of Astapor, including the Unsullied. Daenerys' army then conquers the slaver city of Yunkai ; but the lords of the neighbouring city of Meereen antagonize Daenerys by killing child slaves and burning the land to deny her resources. In an unfortunate and ironic turn of events, Ichabod Crane has become the new Horseman of War to protect Diana Thomas , who had been Dreyfuss' intended candidate for the position, but was later freed from the position and returned to his previous.

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  • However, with the return of Henry Parish , the Horseman of War is to return. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The very one whose head you claimed on the battlefield. But now he's returned to gather the others. Together they will unleash the Apocalypse. Contents [ show ].