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It will still be human nature and human nature has its demands and desires. The Quran does not mention that pleasures will be different, in fact it mentions that they will be similar. Different can mean the pleasures of paradise will be something that will unimaginable as they are out of the world experiences for humans living in this world.

It does not mean that the experiences will be something completely different or even opposite of what the Quran explicitly implies. The reason why Allah Swt created pleasures such as sexual gratification in this world is so that people can experience such pleasures and will then long to achieve them in an eternal life where everyone will be young forever.

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Time will not make them older and weaker. The worldly life and its pleasures are limited or intertwined with hardships so that they can be experienced and tasted to a certain limit and then people long for a life where they can experience them without limits.

This is logic. Al Quran AL Quran In these [gardens] will be mates of modest gaze, whom neither man nor invisible being will have touched ere then. The above Verse where 'mates of modest gaze' mentioned are generally explained by commentators to be for the males.

But what about females? What will they have?

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The Quran responds to this question in the following words: Al Quran On thrones woven [with ornament], Reclining on them, facing each other. There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. With vessels, pitchers and a cup from a flowing spring. Since Islam is a Deen Way of life of human nature and God instilled natural companionship in men and women, there is NO WAY that these young boys are there for men for any other reason except for serving them. They are there for no other reason except for pious women. Some Islamic Scholars have given this explanation of this verse. Such pious women who kept themselves chaste for the sake of God's pleasure, were patient and did not give in to the way of life which is opposite of Islam.

Those who lived the life of obedience.

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Allah swt will surely give them from His Mercy. In Islam there is a modest way of talking about such things as sexual pleasures. The pleasures for women are referred to in the Quran and Hadith but in modest terms. The following Hadith makes it clear about the one who will be in the lowest rank and those in the highest. I establish their honour with My own hand and then set a seal over it and they would be blessed with Bounties which no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no human mind has perceived : and this is substantiated by the Book of Allah, Exalted and Great:" So no soul knows what delight of the eye is hidden for them; a reward for what they did" Surah Sajdah Verse 17 Recorded in Sahih Muslim.

I am only showing the little I believe God showed me. Of course, I can be wrong; so, take what I share with a grain of salt. I mean you well. I believe I can be wrong, but not the Scriptures. Instead, they will be like the angels in heaven. You might say the gospel is corrupted, but the Quran doesn't mention gospel corruption; in fact, Allah tells the People of the Book to stand on the revelation they received for they can do no other and we do. So, as a Christian, I am being obedient to Allah.

Now Jesus also said I am the way Deen the truth and the life. NO other prophet could make such a claim. Jesus didn't show the way; because He is the Way to Paradise. I believe Jesus' message basically was relationship with God trumps religion and tradition.

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Saved wrote: You can disagree with me anyway you would like. PBUY Al Greetings Saved, I just wanted to show you proof from the Islamic scriptures that the life eternal as expressed in the Quran is very clear and it has details about the life of the hereafter unlike any other heavenly religion out there. As for your personal belief, I have no issues with what you believe. We all have the right to believe what we want to. You posed a question whether women in Islam will not get anything which I corrected. If you have proof to refute that then please be my guest.

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